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Minnake's coffee pot

Daily life, dolls, school, handicrafts....

16 November
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My name is Minna and I come from Finland. I'm 22 years old and I'm living with my boyfriend. We have a young cat named Luna, I loooove her to bits. :3

I'm huge fan of Pokémon, I like the games and collecting merchandise. Lately I have tried to focus in plushies, because I don't know how I could display huge amount of figures properly. o__O' I also like flats, since they are easily stored in binders. :3

Besides Pokémon, I'm into Asian Balljointed Dolls. I have managed to get myself around 20 of those dolls. @__@ They are tiny-sized mostly, so of course they don't count! I have only one MSD sized doll, maybe 8 30cm petite dolls and rest are tinies. :D