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I just wanted to tell you that.
Buuut maybe you have noticed it already, since I haven't posted in here since August 2010... 8D
I'm keeping this account only to follow few people in here and more importantly few communities. 
Sorry guys!

But you can find me from various other places!
My current blog
My Little Pony blog
My Twitter (Most active! 8D)
My Flickr (for dolly pics and more!)


The coolest cat tree ever!

Maybe. Or at least the coolest cat tree that Luna will ever get! 8D
My Zooplus order arrived today. I got a huge climbing tree for Luna, and also a new travelling box.
Can you guess which one she liked the most?
Yes, she loves the travelling box.

The tree. *___* Or the food that I also ordered.
Luckily the tree fit to the place we had planned for it.

High tree is high? Luna's first sniffs.

See the cut for more picturesCollapse )

I'm so happy that I bought this tree for Luna. Our apartment isn't the most biggest one and Luna has always so much energy and she likes to climb high. Now she finally has a place where she can run up and down without anything getting broken. x) Maybe my dolls and everything else can now be safely on the bookshelfs? :D
We'll see. ^__^

The tree is also a good place to play with Luna. I can sit on the couch and wave her stick toy around the tree. :D <- Lazy me?
She get's tired faster too because of all the up and down climbing. x)

Yay for the cat tree. :D


Doraemon amigurumi! And cupcakes.

Yesterday I was at Garlic festivals held here in my town Kerava.
Why to have a Garlic Festival? Don't ask me, I don't know. But I was able to buy something weird and Finnish from there to send for my Italian friend.
I found myself a new best friend from there too. :) Some Asian ladies where selling there crotchet amigurumi plushies, and I just had to grab one with me... And I left the Garlic Festival with a DORAEMON plush! DORAEMON! From a Finnish Garlic festival!?!?! Like what.
Why there was Asian ladies selling Amigurumi plushies? 
Probably their reason is similar to why we were there with our local anime group. Japan is taking over the woooorld. @___@ Slowly with anime. It started with Pokémon.
But yeah. I love amigurumi's so Doraemon is my new best friend~
Someday I will be able to crotchet a big friend for Doraemon too! So far I have only been crocheting small plushies for dolls.

To the other news!
I was baking today. :)

I like baking but I rarely do it. I'm just... too lazy. Or don't have time (but that is only an excuse).
I made blueberry cupcakes because I have my freezer full of blueberries. Aaaand in the last doll meetup I participated xaya_tobias had made so delicious blueberry and white chocolate cupcakes. :) I just didn't have white chocolate in my version, so they weren't even nearly as cool as Xaya's. ;)

For the result... See the cut.Collapse )

Meme stolen from Tiku.

Again from tiku? Ofc. And stolen because I wasn't tagged literally. But hey I'm bored?
And hey I can replace questions if I dislice them! How cool is that? 8) G'bye all music questions! (Not really but... Memes are always full of music stuff. o_o)

Meme behind the cutCollapse )

I can also share the fact that I'm ordering a Pukifee Ante in a group order held at Hartsilapset doll forums. :) I have not paid for her yet, but still. <3
Like some of you might know that I have had some difficulties of choosing the Pukifee mold that I want as Kinahlis sister. x) For a long time I was going for Pukifee Cupid because Kinahli is a Cupid Multihead. But before that Pukifee Cupid even came available, I was originally going for Ante. Because who could resist that Ante's cuteness? ;__;
And yes, I wasn't able to resist Ante in the end, and now Kinahlis sister will be Ante. I have seen few Ante's IRL too and that mold is always trying to melt my heart... So yeah.
Ante, Ante, Anteeeee~~~8DD I'm getting my own Anteeee~ 8)


Did I ever post my needle felt tryouts? :D
Maybe I didn't post them here. Just to DA.

Here, have some.

Don't these eyes make everything look soooo cuuuute? *____*
At Bakacon I tried out needle felting for the first time in my life. (Yeah i know, it has been a while since Bakacon was held... I'm not slow!) I have been making some simple things like these. These ended up to be phone straps. And they have few friends. :3
Their friends are.... Going to be sold! D:
I'm going to be selling something at Desucon's artist's alley. I'm going there with my boyfriends sister, Linda-chan. *3* She makes great things out of clay, you should come to check out her works if you are coming to Desucon! We are at the artist's alley only at Sunday thought. Saturday we are just hanging around.
I have been so busy with school and my new working place so I haven't had time to make huge piles of stuff to sell. >__> Buuut there will be some clay stuff, crocheted thingies and few needle felt thingies!
Mostly I'm just going to the convention to have fun and have my first artist's alley experiment with Linda. :'D

Here, have sum cupcakes too.

These were victims of my random try of making mouths for cupcakes with clay. x)
I have also been working with my own pattern for these. The base should be now more cupcake like. o___O' And they are a bit smaller than before. Better for phone straps. Or maybe you could put them to hang in your bag? x)
I dunno. Maybe someone gets an idea how to use these and buys one.
Or maybe there is doll people, I use these as stuffed toys for dolls. 8D

Meme stolen from Tiku.



I bought a tiny dress from Point. At first it was meant for my Bisou Ais, but it ended up to be much better for Conchita. So now Conchita has a new dress. ^__^
I so much like it on her~

More Conchita, and also some Maro <3Collapse )

I was outside with my cat earlier today. I made a snow bunnyyy~
He's name is Rufus.


Pasta al forno!

Like Italians would say. But I'm not Italian. And my macaroni casserole is far away from Italian. x)
I made a random version of macaroni casserole. Without milk, with whole wheat macaroni and with some vegetables (from the freezer).
For some reason I think that Wizeon isn't going to eat this.
Oh well, more for me~ Rest I will put to the freezer and eat later.

Maybe I should learn to use filters, so people who aren't interested about my random stuff wouldn't suffer it. o_O'


Polar bear! Clothes for Redal!

Today I got an envelope full of treasures from Uninu. She made a set of clothes for my Bygg Redal, and I also bought Puki Polar Bear faceplate and pair of Puki-sized glasses from her.
Now I have another Pukipuki faceplate without a body. 8( But for pictures he/it lended Leo's body. My Polar Bear doesn't have a name yet, but I'm making it into a cat animal instead of a bear. He is going to be a friend for Sitrus.

Here is new feceplate lending Leo's body, and Redal showing of his new clothes:

Specially I love the pants that Uninu made for Redal. They just don't show in these pictures. 8(

More pictures, Redal's hooves~Collapse )

... Ok, now only one more new little dude.
He needs a name. Something to go with the name Sitrus. He is probably going to be either a panther or a leopard. Lazy one, who Sitrus bosses around like a minion. B) I'm not sure if that yellow wig stays or not, it might be too bright for his lazy nature.
And he too needs own body when I win 1 000 000€. And eyes. And possibly wig.

New doll and random mumble.

Our Soom Ai split order arrived at the last week.
I got the body, OE head, hooves and both hand sets. Other parts I splitted away. :3
I'm so happy that I arranged a split and ordered the doll with layaway, I like her really much. That cute little face was love in the first sight, and I had a perfect character for the doll already.

So, meet Fuin Riel, Soom Ai. :3

Right out of the box, no hooves yet. I was able to open the packet around 24:00 so there wasn't too much light available. Excuse the yellowness.
Three more arrival picturesCollapse )

At the moment I'm working with painting her hooves. I'm afraid to start the face up, I think that I'm not skillful enough to do it like I'd like to have it. ;__;
Maybe I will try the face up once or twice. If I can't do it like I wish, I will send the head for someone else for face up. :3
I'm soon ordering a wig and eyes for her. Poor Fuin Riel didn't have anything waiting for her, she arrived so much faster than I thought she would. ;__;
But I'm so happy that I have her~ <3
I just think that Redal (my Soom Bygg) isn't so happy... I'm waiting for to get Fuin Riel complete so I can make a story how she and Redal meet. x)

One work-in-progress picture too. Kinahli is waiting for me to finish crocheting a small dinosaur for her. :3